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First Tee Greater Ocala Program Sessions

2014 Spring Programming

The First Tee of Greater Ocala offers programs and instruction which focus on developing life skills using the game of golf as its vehicle.

Spring Session begins Monday January 27th

Classes meet once a week

Optional Play and Practice Days Available

Cost for the 12 week program is $60 for Pee Wee Class, $80 for PLAYer Class and $100 for Par/Birdie Class

Annual registration fee is $25 for new to the program participants

The First Tee of Greater Ocala offers scholarships to families in need. Call Program Director, Chris Fedorcek at (352)362-2258 for details


Paralleling the structure of the golf instruction program, The First Tee life skills curriculum is divided into three levels, starting with Par (for beginners) and progressing through Birdie and Eagle.

The Par level focuses on the fundamental communication and self-management skills. The Birdie level deals primarily with goal-setting. The Eagle level gives participants advanced instruction and practice on mastering Par and Birdie level skills, as well as additional topics, such as conflict management, mentoring, and career planning.

Schedules and Registration

2014 Spring Programming Session begins January 27th. Registration for the Spring session starts now for returning participants to the program. Orientation for new participants begins January 17th. Please contact Chris Fedorcek, Program Director, for more information.

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LPGA Girls Golf


The First Tee of Greater Ocala is a proud sponsor of LPGA Girls Golf. LPGA-USGA Girls Golf (Girls Golf) supports girls by introducing them to the game of golf and the values that are inherent to the game. It provides an opportunity for girls, ages 7 to 17, to learn to play golf, create friendships, and experience competition in a fun, supportive environment, preparing them for a lifetime of enjoyment of the game.

Girls Golf provides a solid foundation for girls who want to play for fun with friends and family, to compete at the high school, college, and/or local, state and national levels or to learn for future career purposes, both inside and outside of the golf industry. The only national initiative of its kind, Girls Golf is administered through a partnership between The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Foundation and the United States Golf Association (USGA), both non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

Girls Golf members learn values inherent to the game of golf, such as patience, respect, perseverance and honesty, preparing them to meet the challenges of today’s world with confidence. With over 250 programs across the globe and more than 10,000 members world-wide, LPGA-USGA Girls Golf has emerged as the leading golf program for girls in the country.

Marion County Junior Golf Tour

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Life Skills Experience™

Developed with the help of academic experts and delivered by trained coaches, the program helps young people learn life skills and core values through the sport of golf. Find out why it’s different that other programs.
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Golf in Schools

The First Tee National School Program introduces the game of golf and The First Tee Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits to elementary students during physical education classes.
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A Parent's Guide to The First Tee

What parents need to know about The First Tee and its programs.
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